Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I know there are thousands of gifts that God has blessed me with. Unfortunately, I've probably been too busy to notice them. So as part of my Lent fast (from online games) I want open my eyes and see how much God is working in my life. I'll begin by listing things I appreciate in my life, gifts that I know come from God. (inspired by

1. My son woke up at 3:30am the other day coughing non-stop. He was probably having another allergy attack. I could tell he needed to calm down and needed some love, but I was also so tired. So I gave in and did something I almost never do. I invited my son to sleep in my bed. He plopped his head on my pillow. I rubbed his back hoping to soothe him into a regular breathing pattern. It worked! He fell asleep with me rubbing his back. I fell asleep with my arms around my son.

I was thankful that my son's allergies was under control. I'd rather sleep than have to pull out the nebulizer. (The meds would of made my son hyper too.) But I was left in awe of the closeness that my son and I had as we fell asleep together. I am so thankful the the family that God has created. I am thankful for the love that we share. My 3:30am wake up call turned into a sweet memory that I will treasure.

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