Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slow down and be blessed

There is a church meeting tonight.  I must get dinner on the table ASAP.  Unlike most days, I actually have a plan for dinner.  Chicken is marinated and in the oven.  Rice is cooking.  Brussel sprouts are sliced.  I'm browning the bacon.  Oh yes... that's right.  There is bacon in this dinner.  My dad is watching baby sweet cheeks and my kindergartner is coloring on some big roll of construction paper my husband gave him.  Everything is going perfectly.  So as I'm browning the bacon I wasn't expecting this.

Son: Mommy, you have to come see this.
Me: Sorry, I'm making dinner right now.  I don't want it to burn.
Son: But you have to see this.
Me: Where's daddy?  Maybe daddy can see it.
Son: I can't find him.  Someone has to see it.
Me:  (well... I guess I can humor my son briefly.  Then it's back to the bacon.
                   I turn off the stove.)
       Ok.  Let's hurry up so I can finish cooking dinner.

And then he shows me this

Oh, thank goodness I stopped to give my little guy some attention.  Look at what I could of missed out on.  All he wanted was me.  And all I could think of was dinner.  It should be me showering him with this love.  Instead, I'm the one who feels blessed.  Thank goodness for little children.  

This reminds me of the verse, Matthew 18:3, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." 

Has your life been busy?  When was the last time you spent time with God?  Did you seek his presence?  Did you want to be with Abba, Father?  When was the last time you just drew a big heart for God?  Luckily, our Heavenly Father always has time for us.  He is not too busy.  He is there to meet us just as we are.  Go to him like the little children.  Slow down and be blessed.

You're not a religious person?  God wants to have a relationship with you, like my son wants to have a relationship with me.  It's love.  It's a relationship.  God loves us and is waiting for us to love him back.  So what are you waiting for?  

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  1. Great post, great reminder! Thank you for sharing!